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Zero Radiation Cavity Detection

Compact and Unique Portable Caries Detection Device

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Compact, Portable Caries Detection Device

DEXIS CariVu is a compact, portable caries detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of occlusal, interproximal, and recurrent carious lesions and cracks.

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What makes CariVu unique?

Uses transillumination technology that makes enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb light.

Allows the clinician to see through the tooth, exposing its structure and the development of any carious lesions.

CariVu images read like familiar X-ray images.

Uses non-ionizing radiation which is ideal for children, pregnant women and patients who are X‑ray averse.

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Restorative Dentistry in Bolton

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We can help you with Restorative Dentistry. It is about procedures that restore damaged teeth. This includes fillings, dental implants, crowns and bridges.

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