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Tooth Extractions

Painless Tooth Extractions

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When is tooth extraction required?

Tooth extractions are often required as a result of tooth decay, gum disease, or infection, or for preventive reasons such as with wisdom tooth removal. In other cases, a tooth may require extraction to make room for other teeth in the mouth in the instance of crowding.

When performed by a trained dentist or dental surgeon, tooth extraction is a safe and painless procedure for the patient.


Wisdom teeth extractions:

Our wisdom teeth begin to make an appearance in your late teens or early twenties and can cause several oral health problems. Luckily, these troublesome teeth can be removed before they cause decay or alignment issues for your smile.


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How long does a typical tooth extraction take?

If the tooth requiring extraction is already completely erupted and is not impacted with a portion still buried beneath the gum, the procedure should be rather simple and quick – typically around 20-40 minutes long in duration.

On the other hand, impacted teeth, which is often the case with wisdom teeth, are referred to as “complex” extractions – and require some cutting of the gum prior to extraction in order to gain access to the tooth. These procedures will take a little longer than simple extractions.

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Will I be in pain?

The dentist or surgeon will use a local anesthetic to numb the area prior to extraction, so you should feel no pain during the procedure. It is expected and completely normal however to feel a mild tugging sensation as your tooth is being pulled.

In some cases, especially with more complex extractions or for patients who suffer dental anxiety, it is beneficial to use mild or moderate sedation to ensure the patient is completely relaxed during the procedure.

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