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Root Canal Treatment

Alternatively known as endodontic treatment.

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Root canal therapy is a dental procedure performed to treat an infected or diseased tooth root to ultimately save the natural tooth. Without this treatment method, the tooth would otherwise require extraction.

The good news is, root canals generally have a very high success rate, with patients experience no pain during their procedure.

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How is a root canal performed?

Depending on the patient’s unique case, the dentist may perform the procedure themselves or may refer them to an endodontist. During a typical root canal treatment, the patient will initially receive a local anesthetic to numb the area. Next, a dental dam will be placed around the tooth for isolation, and an opening or access to the root canals will be made to then be enlarged and cleaned out. Finally, the canal is filled with a special material referred to as “gutta percha”, and a tooth-resembling crown will be placed to finalize the treatment while provide structure, support and protection to the treated tooth.

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When Is root canal treatment required?

Root canal therapy is often required as a result of severe decay or fracture in a tooth, where a filling is not feasible. People who have experienced physical trauma or injury to the tooth such as in a sports-related accident, or through accidentally biting down on a hard object, often suffer damage that extends all the way to their tooth’s root. Having old dental fillings or having undergone multiple dental procedures on a single tooth also increases one’s risk of fracture or root damage.

How can I keep my teeth safe?

While many of these problems are preventable to an extent, accidents happen. In order to best prevent severe dental damage, it’s important to practice proper oral hygiene habits every day, while taking any other preventive measures you can – such as wearing a sport guard while partaking in any physical activity or sport that could lead to injury.

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