Preventing and treating dental issues during childhood is a crucial part of pediatric dentistry. It is recommended that you consider special pediatric dentistry in Bolton when he or she is one year old or older. As soon as your child reaches the age of one or begins to erupt their first teeth, they need to visit a pediatric dental specialist nearby regularly to begin their lifelong oral health journey.

In this article, you will find some facts about the importance of caring for your child’s oral health from a young age, as well as some tips to help you play a more active role in the process from the beginning.

Tips from Pediatric Dental Specialist

Practice Oral Hygiene from an Early Age

The majority of parents believe their child doesn’t need dental care until their teeth erupt; however, this isn’t true. To help your child’s teeth erupt, keep their gums clean with a warm cloth. Brush their teeth with an infant toothbrush and a very small amount of child-friendly toothpaste as soon as teeth appear. This will keep them healthy until their first Bolton Children’s Dentist appointment.

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Avoid Using the Pacifier

If your child uses a pacifier after the age of two, he or she may suffer from oral health problems in the future. A misaligned bite can lead to overbites and crossbites that require orthodontic treatment and visits to a Pediatric Dental Specialist.

Fluoride is Also Required

Some parents mistakenly believe fluoride is harmful and try to prevent their children from getting it. In addition to strengthening your child’s teeth, fluoride treatments can prevent cavities. Pediatric dentistry in Bolton recommends that your child uses fluoridated toothpaste and receives fluoride treatments at least once every six months.

Keep a Check for Tooth Decay and Cavities

There is no doubt that tooth decay is the most common disease among children! It is therefore essential that you schedule regular appointments with a Bolton Children’s Dentist for your child as soon as you notice their teeth or as soon as their first birthday approaches. Professional dental cleanings and checkups should be scheduled at least twice a year so that dental problems can be diagnosed and treated early.

Avoid Too Much Sugar

As we eat and drink, sugars coat our teeth, allowing bacteria to thrive. To prevent your child from overindulging in sugary snacks, limit their sugar consumption.

Healthy Diet

Ensure they receive a good amount of fruits and vegetables to keep their teeth healthy.

Practice Oral Hygiene Yourself

Parents and guardians should set an example for their children by establishing good brushing habits themselves. Children learn best by imitating their parents, and social stimuli such as praise or affection help them develop physically and mentally.

Other Points to Keep in Mind

  • After feeding your baby and before bedtime, clean his or her mouth with water and a cloth or gauze.
  • It’s best to brush your child’s teeth with fluoridated toothpaste as soon as he or she learns to rinse and spit.
  • It is only through orthodontic treatment that spaces for permanent teeth can be regained when a baby tooth decays or is removed prematurely.
  • Infected baby teeth can affect permanent teeth by causing them to develop incorrectly, resulting in stains, pits, and weakened teeth.
  • Ensure that your child rinses his or her mouth after every meal and brushes teeth at least twice a day.
  • Teach your children proper brushing style as prescribed by Pediatric Dentistry in Bolton.

Concluding Comments

Healthy teeth are essential to your child’s overall well-being. Poor dental practices during childhood can lead to tooth decay later in life. Studies have shown that children who do not brush their teeth or eat properly early on are at risk of developing cavities as adults. If you are looking for professional and skilled pediatric dentistry in Bolton, please visit The Tooth Place.